The Benefits of Coaching

Since the crisis began, a few years ago, the most common in conversations that revolve around it is to hear complaints, protests and lamentations. The rationale for all this negativity is one: fear.

The fear of running out of work, unable to pay the floor have to lower our standard of living … Biologically the human brain had to develop over millions of years the emotion of fear to either deal with the threats to survival, or to flee from them. That is, the emotion of fear arose to prevent our death.

We begin to see the benefits of coaching. Possibly the crisis threatens our way of life, but not our life. And yet still feel that fear that blocks us. In our days, human beings rarely threatened their existence, so it has developed other fears arising from fear of losing his life. One of the main benefits of coaching is to overcome blockages or fears through own development.

Coaching is a discipline that helps you become aware of our own abilities and make them flourish. Whether it’s an English coaching, Math’s coaching or a Law Coaching. Below I list just a few benefits of coaching, summarized in learning, development, overcoming blocks and achieving goals. Here’s how:


Help to emerge and develop skills:  using awareness of our own abilities, we are able to be proactive (take action) so that we will reap small successes, linking to each other and thus sowing the self-confidence to stay motivated.

Helps identify objectives:  awareness in different areas enables the identification of targets that maybe we were not aware before. In fact, this is one of the main objectives of Personal Coaching clients who come with different variants of the question: what do I do with my life?

It helps the person to know herself better:  the client looks to the coaching process with one goal in mind, whether clarify goals, improve their performance in a specific aspect, identify barriers or limitations … To go deeper into the behaviors and in customer skills, coaching is able to provide improvements not only in these areas but in the totality of his person, as well as knowledge itself. Something like discovering a more advanced version of himself.

Help to focus and stay in the desired direction:  once the objectives have been identified, the process of Coaching is a great tool to keep on track the customer wants. Motivation, planning and recognition of their accomplishments help overcome obstacles and keep in line with the objectives.

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